Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And We Shall Be The Santa Maria.....

"Does anybody know how to drive this thing, said the captain as he fell to his knees...."

News today of Ethan Moreau being waived,l on his way to being picked up or bought out. Either way, so ends the tenure of thecaptainethanmoreau. Alternate Captain Sheldon Souray won't be back after asking for a trade, and Steve Staois (another Alternate) was shipped out at the 2010 deadline. That leaves Ales Hemsky and Shawn Horcoff with the remaining letters on the club, and I belive Penner wore an A after Hemsky went down last year. Any of those guys Captian material? Thecaptainaleshemsky roles off the tongue, but I can't see it. The guy has moaned about his role in the past, is lukewarm on coming back after his contract expires, and just doesn't come off as the captain type. Horcoff probably would make a fine captain but I think too many fans would associate that C on his chest with the Contract on his shoulders so, pressure wise, I don't believe it's a good fit. Penner? Season aside, not the shining example of discipline and work ethic one would have in a captain....I bet he arranges a hell of a team dinner though!

So, who else? Not a lot of great options IMO to captain this lot. Suggestions?