Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Believe the Term is Batshit Crazy

This is my neck - the result of a hard rising slapshot from the top of the circle that I had come out hard on to cut down the angle. We were already losing - badly - as most of my team decided to show up for last nights game (our last game prior to the Christmas break) drunk, or stoned, or both.
Scary feeling to have your neck go numb - but after a five minute rest looking up at the rafters through a ring of players whispering about my new purple friend - and the offer to call the game as it was already way out of reach - I stepped back between the pipes. The very next shot went dead center between my eyes. Fuck it, I made two saves!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Not Good to Bottle Your Feelings

Remember that time you cut my skate laces in Edmonton? Huh, remember when everyone was laughing at me when my lace broke and I was late for practice and coach made me do laps? Huh, remember that? And all those stupid penalties in the playoffs - I mean come on, penalty after penalty - if it's a hook in the first it's a hook in the third! Didn't you read anything about the crackdown on obstruction. So you can't stay out of the box for one goddam minute and then, then, to top it all off, you run Andrew Ladd into Roli - Andrew Ladd! Could you have picked a bigger guy? I mean jesus, you cost me the Cup man - do you know how many Winchester's have their names on the cup? My Mom had T-shirts made and everything......and now I'm stuck playing for the Blues - how long do think it'll take to get a second shot at the Cup with the Blues huh? Huh? Broke my Mom's heart man - and nobody breaks Mom's heart!

Friday, December 5, 2008


So, OJ Simpson finally gets his due. Depending on which legal expert you listen to, his complicated sentence consisting of concurrent and consecutive terms will keep him in prison for somewhere between 7 and 15 years before parole.
If nothing else good can come from this, at least OJ's odds of finding the real killers have to be a bit higher in prison than on the golf course.
Hopefully OJ gets plenty of professional help - Analyst and Therapist types - I believe their known as Analrapists on the inside.