Monday, July 20, 2009

Odds and Ends

* Dennis Grebeshkov's arbitration date has been set for July 29th in TO. I suspect he settles before that date on a new contract with the Oilers. The reason, James Wisniewski. He put up 24 points in half a season split between Chicago and Anaheim last season and signed a new deal worth $2.75m. He's the Oilers ace in the hole and could drag Greb's award down below $3mil for next season. I wouldn't look past Keith Yandle's 30 points and $1.2mil cap hit either. Chances are slim this gets to that point - I'm betting a one or two year deal at $3mil per is on the horizon.

* Did Jack Johnson just become a whole lot more interesting? Rumors of his involvment in a trade involving Sheldon Souray swirled around the draft. One concern though was Johnson apparent belief that he was worth close to $5mil per season. Many speculated that he'd actually sign a deal for around $3mil per. Well, news from capgeek shows Jack Johnson signing a 2 year deal with a $1.425mil cap hit. Although I'd be weary of trading Souray - that deal has become much more intriguing based on cap relief alone. It also means Ladi Smid should forget about making anything close to $1.5mil per season - he's Johnson without the upside.

* Are the Oilers trying to light a fire under Dany Heatley? I know, that's terrible (groan)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not Hockey Related Whatsoever

My daughter is the troublemaker in the green hat. Sometimes it's best to remember what's really important - like your family and their happiness. These might be the dog days of summer for hockey, but for anyone with a family - especially young children - they should be the best days of your life. Hope everyone is having a great summer.